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About Us

About Us

Tired of laundry stealing your precious time?

Our convenient, reliable, and stress-free delivery service takes care of even your most delicate garments, strictly following the manufacturer's cleaning instructions for optimal care. Reclaim your time and simplify your life with our comprehensive laundry solutions.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free Collection & Delivery
  • Affordable Prices
  • Best Quality

Why Choose Us

Handle With Care

We gently wash each item according to its fabric type, using only the most delicate cycles and eco-friendly detergents. Your clothes will feel pampered.


We use the best in class products, to assure that your favourite clothes are always there for you to wear.


With our 24/7 pickup and delivery, get your laundry taken care of without taking time out of your busy schedule. We'll handle the chore for you.

Express Delivery

Get your laundry washed, dried and ready to wear with our express same-day service depending on your order. We'll pick up and deliver back to you promptly.


At Laundry Wish, innovation is woven into our fabric. We continuously adopt the latest advancements in laundry and dry cleaning to exceed your expectations. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, like custom cleaning codes that map the optimal wash settings for each fabric, keep us ahead of the curve.
We utilize high-tech stain removal processes with patented enzymatic solutions that lift and erase the toughest stains as if by magic. Through precision pressing and steam technology, we can eliminate wrinkles and creases to make fabrics look naturally crisp and smooth - no iron required! Our green practices such as biodegradable supplies, energy-efficient machines and recycling protocols provide a sustainable laundry service that's clean for you and the planet.


As professionals, we are passionate about changing the way you think about laundry. We are always evolving to stay current on the latest technologies, cleaning methods and solutions.